Aquarium Iwako Japanese Erasers Assorted set


Japanese Erasers/Rubbers hand made from Japan Collect them all, Aquarium set.

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 Japanese Erasers/Rubbers hand made from Japan 

Roughly all around the same size. 6-7 erasers per box.

Part of our hugely popular range of IWAKO Japanese style erasers in a great assorted pack.

These fun and colourful erasers are not only practical but fun too! Collect them all!

Blister Card Size: 9.2cm x 15.2cm (outer size)
Each Eraser is 2-3cm in length depending on shape/size

The unique Iwako erasers are made from parts with different colors, which can be taken apart and put back together, making this enjoyable for children to play with and to practice their manual dexterity. The eraser is made from environment-friendly styrene resin and the coloured powder is kneaded into the eraser material to make it safe for children.

The erasers are:
– recyclable
- non-toxic lead-free safe materials 
- non-PVC releases no toxic fume 
- energy saving production
100% made in Japan in clean enviromental friendly factories 
- meet all international standards in safety and enviromental care 

Health & Safety Warning: Small parts. Not suitable for 3 years and below.

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