B-Daman Crossfire Figure – Lightning Dracyan


His Accele Core will make his power shot boom like thunder and blast your target! Pull back, then push forward on the trigger to launch one of your marbles!

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Ready… Aim… Crossfire! Go for total target obliteration with this fast-firing Lightning Dracyan Figure!

His Oneside Core gives his lightning shot the power to zap your target with untamed speed! Pull back, and then push forward on the trigger to launch one of your marbles.

Who will triumph in the end? Load up your marbles and start taking down your targets with your Lightning Dracyan sharpshooter!

Blast targets with Lightning Dracyan figure’s speed shot! Lightning Dracyan figure is a rapid-fire type with a Oneside Core.

What’s in the box?

  • Figure
  • 1 x target
  • 1 x B-Da Marble
  • 1 x Ultra B-Da Marble
  • 1 x customization tool
  • 1 x collector card
  • Instructions

Additional information

Weight 283 g


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